Our Story

The Sore Loser Story

Sore Loser UK first began as a self-set challenge to reshape the way in which we perceive failure.
Every successful person known to mankind has faced a series of inevitable losses, leading them to the ‘fortunate’ positions they find themselves in today.

The difference between them and the ordinary person is their ability to use their losses to fuel their desires to win.
These winners are Sore Losers at heart - never accepting failure as their final outcome.

My goal is to inspire you from this point onwards; regardless of the success of this brand. Whether this venture fails or not, I assure you I will turn my losses into valuable lessons. I assure you I will one day win.

This is more than a clothing line. More than a challenge. Becoming a Sore Loser is a lifestyle - one in which I hope every one of you will adopt on this journey with us.

We Refuse to Lose, to Win Forever.

We are Sore Losers.

-Rory ❤️